Our Work

We can’t possibly post results for every program we’ve done over the past decade plus, but here are case studies that demonstrate our Experiential and Word Of Mouth core competencies.


Please take a moment to send any questions or comments our way. We’d love to talk with you about any of them.

Coke Zero


Coke Zero was already the fastest growing brand in the Coca-Cola portfolio. In 2009, Coke Zero wanted to further catapult their awareness and trial and launch the largest experiential program ever attempted in Coca-Cola history! In 2009, Coke Zero declared that they would DOUBLE their new trial rate and sample 15MM cans of Coke Zero to teens and young adults in close to 50 markets nationwide.


Escalate partnered with Coke Zero for 6 months to plan this tremendous feat. We first created a online community to engage existing Coke Zero brand lovers in the target demo and worked with them to co-create every element of the event and run all our ideas by them for their feedback.
We also created a successful logistical plan, training dozens of managers and hundreds of field staff to work in sixteen simultaneous markets, and coordinate ice and product deliveries in real time.

Based on their contributions, we created a gaming lounge and thirst center for the live events. Teens who engaged us on-site were directed to a laptop station where they could sign up for a site we built – Cokezeroitspossible.com where they could share what they could make possible with the rest of the world. Finally, we tracked Word of Mouth by giving out a special code where people could choose to tell us about the conversations they had about Coke Zero.


Exceeded trial experience goal by 7%.
Positive word of mouth from those we touched delivered 3 incremental paid trials from their social networks.
Increased awareness of key brand messages dramatically.