My Daily Grind: Bradly Williams

8:30 AM
I drop off my 3 year old daughter at Pre-School and head for the train. Commuting from Jersey City means working via phone on the way to Brooklyn, catching up on emails, reading PDFs and looking over event photos.

10:00 AM
I arrive to find Berto Pichardo reviewing inventory and planning his day at his desk. Often the guys, Matt, Jae, Danny and John are hard at work moving product, refurbishing program elements and cleaning up trucks so our clients look great on tour.

After some quick time checking in with each of them, and Steve French, the Operations Manager, I get Coffee and get settled in at my desk. Now I’m ready to create my “Daily to Do List”.

11:00 AM
Follow up on vehicles currently in for maintenance and communicate any updates to Steve and the rest of the staff, as needed.

12:00 PM
By now, I’m usually hungry enough to have some fruit and a sandwich that I actually intended to have for breakfast.

1:00 PM
Call current and new Drivers/Managers for both new hires and existing drivers to check on them and their vehicles. Then pass on update to Steve.

2:00 PM
As trucks and trailers, come in and out I thoroughly look them over, often pulling out a tape measure and making multiple notes.

2:30 PM
In preparations for the programs coming up, I prepare custom tour kits and vehicle/driver manuals to go out with each vehicle.

I try to sneak in some lunch

Right about now, is when the new requests start rolling in and it’s time to research vehicles and vendors for the upcoming project.

Before the end of the day, I’ve probably popped my head into Steve French’s office about 5 times, whether it’s for some quick banter, a sounding board for a decision to be made on a vehicle or a signature for paperwork. Throughout the day we have the occasional ‘meeting of minds’ to figure out how things can be streamlined to make operations more effective. These usually last 5-15 minutes and are incredibly productive. It’s important we work closely to make sure everything stays in order and meets both the needs of Escalate and each client we represent.

6:00 PM
As the day comes to a close I make some notes for tomorrow and head for the L train. Back to New Jersey I go, as I look forward to dinner and time with my wife and little girl when I get home.

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