Our Work

We can’t possibly post results for every program we’ve done over the past decade plus, but here are case studies that demonstrate our Experiential and Word Of Mouth core competencies.


Please take a moment to send any questions or comments our way. We’d love to talk with you about any of them.

Royal Caribbean


Educate consumers about what Royal Caribbean’s incredible ships and destinations, and eradicate the misconceptions of cruising. Gain qualified leads and create a database of consumer names. Increase cruise sales.


The Royal Caribbean Ultimate Adventure Tour. A 53 foot tractor-trailer with an inflatable cruise ship replica travels across the U.S. for a 3-year tour, visiting major events rich with Royal Caribbean’s target consumer. Consumers are invited into the inflatable theater to view a 5 minute high-energy film about Royal Caribbean ships, amenities, and vacations. Families can climb the rock wall, enter to win free cruises and even connect directly to a booking agent right on site.


Over 2,600,000 qualified 
consumers hosted.
Cruise inquiries and bookings in activated markets rose an average of 12% for 6 months post-event.
Client’s tour KPI’s exceeded for 3 straight years.
Tour awarded Event Marketer EX Award for best Mobile Tour.