Our Work

We can’t possibly post results for every program we’ve done over the past decade plus, but here are case studies that demonstrate our Experiential and Word Of Mouth core competencies.


Please take a moment to send any questions or comments our way. We’d love to talk with you about any of them.

Sara Lee Bread


Escalate worked with Sara Lee to teach moms about how their new bread, Soft and Smooth emphasizes the importance of 100% whole wheat and its benefits. Using an integrated approach centered around a multi-city tour, we engaged consumers on a one-to-one grassroots basis to spread the word about better bread with a multitude of activities.


The activities included:

Professor Bread: Professor Bread was the MC throughout the event and conducted PBJ making contests and Brain Quizzes on his stage. 3 winners of each contest were awarded coupons to receive 6 month supplies of Sara Lee Soft and Smooth.

Bread Challenge: This replica of a real live grocery store shelf displayed a number of products, both Sara Lee and not and allowed consumers to guess if the bread they buy at home was 100% whole wheat. On hand stood a registered dietician to answer any questions they may have had.

Kids Area: Kids were able to participate in the activities by having the opportunity to decorate lunch bags on site for their mother’s to pack their 100% whole wheat sandwiches in.

Pledge Forms: Parents were asked to Pledge to use 100% whole wheat for their children’s lunch at the start of the school year. The pledges were placed in a box, and pulled from random was one winner of 6 months worth of bread.

Creative Lunch Idea: Parents were asked their most creative idea on how to get their children to eat healthy – the winner one free coupons of Sara Lee Soft and Smooth coupons.


The lunch box tour traveled 8 markets, 31 event days and spread the healthy word of whole wheat to local communities.
The tour took part in a number of local events and consisted of a variety of educational, hands on activities as well as sampling whole loaves of bread.
A total of 40,000 loaves were given out over the 8 weeks.
We drove moms to a Sara Lee branded site with recipe and healthy eating tips as well as videos of how-to’s for making.