Our Work

We can’t possibly post results for every program we’ve done over the past decade plus, but here are case studies that demonstrate our Experiential and Word Of Mouth core competencies.


Please take a moment to send any questions or comments our way. We’d love to talk with you about any of them.

Sara Lee BlogHer


Generate awareness for Hillshire Farm lunchmeat & Jimmy Dean breakfast solutions among online and traditional media influencers that reach savvy providers »Launch new products for both brands, with product usage demos. Deliver Hillshire Farm & Jimmy Dean brand messaging & trial »Stimulate all five senses: Provide the opportunity for key influencers and traditional media attending to see, hear, taste and touch the brands on their “turf.”


Engage Mommy Bloggers live by activating the Sara Lee BlogHer sponsorship. A immersive brand experience pavilion with branded kitchen & café space, for each brand. Activities included Blogger challenges, product chef demo and tastings, celebrity appearance.


Over 2,000 one-on-one brand surveys & tastings conducted with Bloggers.
Over 6,000 positive blog mentions by attending bloggers.
Over 4.3mm media impressions.